Badger 150 from a generation prior to the current one


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I'm (very slowly) working on a Youtube video / extensive post project with the complete detailed history of the Badger 150. But in the meantime, here is a look at the model prior to the current one. You see, as any other product that has been in continuous production for 60 years and counting, it has evolved over the years while maintaining the same basic design. It is very hard to estimate dates but my "guesstimate" is that this is from around very late 90's to early 2000s.
It was really neglected when I got it. It required a lot of work. But the most important part is that I sent it to Badger because the teflon seal was busted. I email them asking if their teflon seal repair kit was available but it hasn't been for years. But they told me it carries a lifetime warranty and they would replace it free of charge. Had to pay shipping both ways.
I received it back a few weeks ago but did not have a chance to test it until recently. Badger replaced the teflon seal and may have sprinkle some pixie magic dust over it because it is working absolutely beautiful! To the point it earned the coveted "daily driver" spot for now. :)
I think this is my #6 or so 150 but who's counting?
I'll explain in detail when I do the video or post but in a nutshell, this is the last version to have the adjustment screw in front of the trigger.




It went straight into service and did this. This is only a single first coat of Scalefinishes Jetstream Blue and it laid down beautifully! This is a 1/43 scale model.

More to come later on both, the 150 history and the finished model.

It is sad when you hijack your own thread...

But the GFX wanted some action.
Scalefinishes Corvette Jetstream Blue with the Badger 150, Cobra Colors Ferrari Argento Nurburgring silver (leftover from a 2004 model project) with the GFX airbrush.



Keep in mind this is 1/43 scale. Here it is next to a 1/25 scale body.