badger 150 in a gravity feed


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I was going to pm ken with this question but i figured i would post this here.
my first air brush was a badger 150 and as best i can tel from the problem i had with it is it had a loose Teflon bearing so now im thinking of sending it in finally to get it looked at the only thing is its in pieces all over the place. and all the nozzles except the on that was in it are probably missing. the reason i am asking the next question is that when the thing did work it laid down some supper fine lines. I am not to keen on siphon feeds so what i would like to know is what air brush does badger produce that is a gravity feed but has the same needle and nozzle (head) set up as the 150. another great part about that gun is I believe the heavy needle is a .5 which is great for doing large back grounds or priming canvas. ps ok who bought all the kromes and sotars iI just was on amazon and i couldn't find a krome sold by amazon and the sotars are out of stock lol
It's the 100 range. Different cup sizes and even a side feed. Just note that the side feeds are either left or right handed, not like the Renegades or Iwatas. Just find out if the 100 LG have that huge cup or the one from the Krome/105.

Badger 100
AndreZa's got your covered Ferret. The 100 is the gravity equivalent of the 150. The 100LG has the large cup, and the 100G has the smaller cup. Send your 150 in the refurb, to my attention - and I'll personally get that thing better than new for you.

Attn: Ken Schlotfeldt

I think everyone is buying Kromes, Patriots, and Sotars - along with Spectratex and Minitaire paints. We've more tha doubled production on these items, and we're barely getting caught up.

Right now we're designing up, while making sure we maintain high value - rather that trying to make a cheaper product. I think it's being noticed and is notably increasing demand for our products. Thanks to the airbrush community for noticing - it's a nice problem to have. That being said, we are working to to get up asap.
lol thanks ken you guys are going to flip when you see it it looks like its been through ww2. i never wanted to part with it and. i tried everything possible.ill send in my 360 to it works fine but id rather you guys look at it. from what i know now it was probably a loose bearing needle i just orderd a fresh needle and nozzle for my velocity im dying to see that bad boy work wwith the s[pectra com art and etac. I also revised my air brush holder and made a ghost proof lock on it. the ghost is going to have to work extra hard to pull the brush out and slam it to the groun which i want to put down 1inch foam lol. I just got my tax return and spent allot of money on new needles and nozzles for all my guns i could have bought a bunch of HOK paints and respirator with the money i just spent the velocity was by far the cheepest to get new parts and does the same thing as the infinity
heres a round about idea its not exact just ball park

micron cmsb needle and nozzle $70.00
infinity .6 nozzle set $60.00
badger ultra fine conversion $13.99