Badger 150



Hello, Newbie to the site. I have a badger 150 I have had for years and I'm trying to figure out the needle size thing. I read somewhere that there are rings on the needle (one to three) to represent the size of the needle. But I have not been able to find the site I found that on, I have all three sizes F,M, and heavy tips along with the needles but I don't have a clue what needle goes with what tip. I am having some issues getting the brush set up to spray I have been up and down the air pressure range from 20 to 50 psi, I have cleaned the gun several times but I suspect I don't have the right needle for the tip I am using. Can someone give me some input on the needle size and maybe these rings I have read about .
Also each spray reg should have a little white teflon ring on em. If the ring is missing may also cause you spray probs. Good luck.