Badger 200NH: A repeatability workhorse


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I am working on a post about the history and evolution of the Badger 200. Stay tuned for that. But for now, let's take a look at one of the latest incarnations of the Badger 200, the NH.
As usual, this is my own research and all of this is subject to corrections.

In late 1963 Badger entered the airbrush market with the 100XF, 100IL and 150Poster. While of excellent quality and great reviews, the market was a bit slow in adopting this new player. A Testors hobby company employee suggested Badger to cater to the hobby market. About 2 years after getting into the market (~1965-1966) Badger introduced 2 new airbrushes oriented to scale model hobbyists: The low cost Badger 250 (basic and simple external mix miniature spray gun, still in production today) and the mid range Badger 200: A quality single action internal mix airbrush capable of easily managing enamels and automotive lacquers. The design concept of the model 200 reminds me a bit of the old Thayer & Chandler Model E. These 2 models, the 200 and the 250, combined with the others in the lineup helped Badger become a successful player in the market.

The Badger 200 has become a staple in the industry, specially in the hobby market for its quality, ease of use and repeatability thanks to its single action setup. It has evolved over the years and today there are several versions to choose from. All but one of the Badger 200 versions fall under the "Legends" Series of classic airbrushes. However, the 200 NH falls under the PRO-Production Series, oriented to heavy and prolonged use in commercial applications. The Mobile Tech automotive repair model is a special variation of the NH.

In the late 90s/early 2000s Badger launched the 155 Anthem with a new design nozzle system. This design was incorporated into the 200 platform creating the Badger 200 NH. While retaining the look and function of the original 200, the new NH has very little in common and most parts are not interchangeable with older 200s. Essentially, while all other 200s are single action versions of the 100 series, the NH is basically a single action version on the Anthem design.

My specimens:
I recently acquired a lot of two Badger 200 NH for a low price (I'm cheap), which led me to believe they were neglected.
To my surprise they did not look that bad.

However, both were clogged and the needles were seized. They both came apart with little drama and were properly cleaned. One of the needles had a very slight bent that was easily corrected. One of the nozzles required some extra TLC to get properly cleaned. Both handles show wear and some discoloration.

Here is one of them prior to re-assembly. Repeat X2





How does it work? This test was repeated for both units. They both work equally well.
For some reason the camera picks up the compressor as much louder than it really is. Maybe because it was closer.

Hey Grandpa! Tell us a story!
(Grandpa is an original Badger 200 ~1966)

Hope you like and approve. As usual, your comments and questions are appreciated.