Badger air caps


Midnight Magus

I have a Renegade Krome and aSotar2020 (many parts interchange but the brushes are by no means identical). In both cases I have found that the air caps are threaded inconsistantly; I bought the alternate cap for the 2020 (with protective arms) and it simply will not go on the brush at all. Likewise the Krome; again I bought the plain aircap as well as the one with protective arms but only one would fit.

With much rial and error I found one aircap to fit each brush, and I am stuck with a couple of caps that don't fit either brush. I am otherwise very happy with the Badger products; they paint like a dream and are easy to maintain. But those threads...

Has anybody else had this with Badger? I thought it was a fluke the first time, but two different brushes and I have to wonder how often it comes up with users. (I have heard elsewhere that the aircaps ar easy to cross thread, but for me some go on and others don't...)