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Badger Airbrush cleaner

Discussion in 'Beginners help' started by beginner-James, Dec 31, 2018.

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    with an exception - the removable head airbrushes, such as a Micron, or now the Procon PS270, and other similar builds, do have an o-ring in the body that the head post passes through. This o-ring does come in contact with both paints, and solvents on one side. It is fairly common for this o-ring to either be swollen, or dried out - one may never notice it if the head system is not removed occasionally from the brush. The head will get increasingly difficult to re-install on the body if there is any issue with this o-ring.

    When cleaning a brush, if you pull the needle to wipe it, go ahead and add water or cleaner to the brush bowl, and spray it out before re-inserting the needle. You may do this a couple of times prior to slipping the needle back in. This helps to flush paint residue that is stuck along the inner walls of the nozzle, and paint canal- the areas that will re-coat the needle with pigment when re-installed. You can also backflush while the needle is out...
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