Badger b1100 compressor


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Hay guy I have just bought a badger compressor and it is really quiet.. It runs fine.. And cuts off when the small tank fills up.. But the compressor gets red hot and eventually cuts off for a period.. It seams like as soon as any air has removed from the tank it starts back up and almost runs all the time causing it to over heat.. Is ther anything I can do to cool the compressor down..
Hay guys .. I have this badger compressor.. The problem I am having is that I cannot seam to figure out how to remove the clear cup for cleaning.. The instructions is no help wat so ever.. Can any one help


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You dont need to clean it mate.. just mess with the little metal bit on the bottom and empty any water.
A small fan will keep it from overheating, as stated. As for water, is there small screw like, on the very bottom/belly of the tank itself? If so, unscrew it once a week, to remove all the excess water, that doesnt get trapped in the moister trap