Badger compressor

Dale Wilson

Young Tutorling
I bought a used Badger 180-12 compressor off of ebay and have found a small repairable problem...The pressure switch is worn out and will not shut it off. I have taken it apart and it is easy to replace. I have looked on Badgers site, ebay and Amazon. I cant find the part. Anyone know a good place to get the switch?
let me know when you find one cause i need one it off at 57 psi and on at 43 psi??
Hi Dale and boneman65,
I'm in Australia but I can see if I can track one down for you from my supplier if you like? (we supply Paasche and Badger too)
Let me know the serial/model number of the id plate (and anything else to help identify it) and I'll ask the question.
Hi Dale, my supplier doesn't do the compressor side of Badger sorry, they can provide an alternative brand switch if you think it will fit but might be better off going original I think. Sometimes it's worth the extra to avoid the headache :)