Badger customer service A+



I have to give Badger's customer service an A+ for an issue I had. I bought a 155 from michaels brand new and when I went to clean it the first time I noticed my trigger was bent like an "S". So I contacted Badger with a pic of my trigger and within a few days they sent me a new one free of charge. Needless to say I'll be a lifelong customer for this company.
Ken and his crew do take care of their customers . He has help a lot on this forum and is a member here.
Kens a good egg ;) And the people from Badger are awesome on the phone when it comes to help. Great bunch of peeps!!
Yeah, I had a crescendo body that wouldn't work right. I think the needle packing was damaged at some point. Completely wrote it off. But I learned about their awesome service through a message board. Packed it up and sent it to them. A little while later it showed up working awesome.