Badger Krome and the Sofa



It is official. My wife (bless her) hates everybody on this forum especially (sorry about this) Mr Micron for starting his long running thread about the Badger Krome. If you all can remember I recently posted that I had purchased a Badger Renegade Spirit which I was blown away by. I have been practising on the 1/10 scale model busts which are my main hobby and have been really impressed with the finishes I am achieving. Then one day when taking a break from airbrushing due to a power outage (the house runs on batteries during these events) I started reading Mr Microns thread. Next thing I know somebody has found a good deal on Amazon with a Krome 2 in 1 in stock and used my credit card no less to order one. Well Mrs Bagelman was not happy and it is the sofa for me until penance is paid. PS can't wait to take delivery of my new baby.
Many restful hours to you on the sofa. It will be well worth it. Sore back and all.

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sucks someone used your card to buy something on Amazon but great that they've organised for it to be sent to you - and it's something you want!! There's always a positive!
Hey mate if your sofa is like mine it sleeps real nice..

But I will take the blame and tell your wife it is all my fault ..:D
Now when you get it you must post a pic of something you paint with it .I love models...
I got mine yesterday pal and it's amazing it will be worth the back ache and cold toes haha ;)
lmao. If your couch is anything like mine, it's well broken in by now. I few nights on the couch for a new airbrush? I'll take that any time
by all means is worth it!!!paint a portrait of her with the new machine and you´ll be back in no time!!!works for me!!!
The Krome arrived overnight to my business mail address in Miami but took a few more days to get to me here in DR. Well had a quick play and have to say that no arguments the sofa was worth it. Beautiful gun and even the wife has forgiven me. Also got a brilliant deal off of ebay delivered at the same time. 32 Badger opaque paints (only a couple partly used) a brand new set of 14 Dr Martins transparents and Radu Vero's Airbrush Handbook for 35 bucks.