Badger Krome Hold Down Ring will not screw all the way down



I have just unboxed my brand new krome. I loved the Iwata Eclipse and wanted something for detailing and I only heard great things about Badger. Well, I noticed that the very front of the airbrush was not screwed all the way through so i took it apart (Following a video step by step to not screw it up) lubricated everything and put it back together.

Still, as long as either one of the nozzles in inserted, the hold down ring (With the spray regulator attached or not) will NOT screw as it encounters the nozzle as an obstruction. I put s drop of water over the gap and yes, air is passing through.

I can file a replacement on amazon and hopefully get it soon (This week is going to be my only free time in approximately 3 months and I REALLY wanted to paint my minis). Should I do that or is there something I am missing?

EDIT: It seems that the base of the nozzles are too wide to fit through the main "tube" of the shell