badger krome in a side feed ???


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I am not to worried about getting another air brush if I manage to get something together for the comp and I happen to take first place thain great I get a free krome. If anybody asks my oppinion i like side feeds only because the way my easel is lit I get an annoying shadow on my work plus after getting use to having a side feed i like having no obstruction on top of my air brush so I was going to post to ken privately to ask if there are any plans to come out with a side feed version of the krome but i figured i wood post here if there's allot of positive feed back maybe he will think about planning to come up with something in the near future. personally if i had an extra hundred and twenty dollars burning a hole in my pocket i would goo for the renegade side feed before buying a krome. I am going to have to make some money with the air brushes I do have before I buy another and i am not talking 40 dollars for a painting i worked on for 50 hours lol
Not a bad idea... i was thinking id like one with a mac valve built in. Im not sure if id ever use it but they kind of intrigue me.
I have a Spirit, the Renegade side feed, and a Krome. Both spray equally nice. I prefer the Kromes smoother trigger, adjustable needle packing, and trigger adjustment. Now if only the skill would catch up to the brushes.

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I've said many times that other manufacturers will have trouble when a Krome side feed is launched. But it needs the Iwata or the old 100 cups. Something that can be removed without the paint running out and that can stand up my itself.
I went off the Krome cos it only has the gravity HUGE cup option and no side feed. I didn't get to paint with one, but from the box I tried the trigger action and it was pritty gorgous. Shame it's a one cup shop!! Or have I missed something?
get an Omni side feed adaptor for aztek & iwata side cups (it may be chrome but who cares it works !)just plug it in and viola ! ps; got mine from coast
this would be nice but after noticing how close the trigger is to the nozzle i think my next ab is going to be a badger 100 side feed
this would be nice but after noticing how close the trigger is to the nozzle i think my next ab is going to be a badger 100 side feed

Remember to specify left or right handed and also there is no picker cap. You have to undo the needle cap each time you want to pick off dry paint.
I have a Badger 100 side feed that is currently modified with Sotar/renegade head, nozzle and nozzle cap. I have been doing it this for years since not long after the Sotar came out, originally I just used the Sotar head assembly but it cost more than using Renegade parts.
Get the nozzle head from the Sotar, the nozzle ring from the Renegade and nozzle from the Sotar or Renegade. Then put on your spray regulator of choice. You can swap out the needle tube for the Sotars or Renegades if you want.
My Badger 100 side feed and 100 sm gravity feed are set up this way and I will be setting up my 100 lg like this. I like the older 100 series over the Renegades because the triggers are closer to the head of the airbrush but still far enough back from the cups on the gravity feed models that my finger doesn't touch the cup.
thanks this is voluble info as i have most of those parts although i always thought the sotar front end parts were the same as velocity and krome they look the same whats the difference
yea thats what im talking about now if i can figure out what to do with my extra micron fluid head i wish i just had a micro lathe or machine shop lol
I wonder if i can instal a micron nozzle and needle in a 100 side feed lol i love being a tinkerer