Badger Krome or Velocity



Hi all.

I'm in process of purchasing new detail airbrush, and I'm determined that it will be one of Badger's airbrushes.
Now I'd like to hear an opinion which, Krome or Velocity (ease of cleaning and color changing are the most important properties).

Thank's for yout answers,
Hi Pingi,
Ok i dont have one of those two airbrushes but i was looking at both of them myself a few ago. I think they are both similar
with the needle and nozzle setup and the system how they are attached. The Krome has a chrome plating compared to the
finish of the Velocity. I guess the chrome is better if you might have a allergie against the material that the velocity is made of.
I cant tell 100% but i think the Velocity is made of Nickl like alot of the other non chrome airbrushes. I also seen that the Velocity
has a dark color cup on the inside, that might make it harder to tell if its completly clean after you used dark colors or transparents.
Also the Krome has a adjustable needle tension, so you can adjust the trigger to your liking. And the Krome has the cut out handle
so you can move the needle back for flushing between the painting. But as far as it comes to the spray pattern and details, i think
the both brushes will be pretty much identical.
krome less prat to lose ill say krome but they are really much same no worrys they are really good brush
i have both airbrushes - both spray the same but the krome is a little nicer to hold and feel. plus it has the open style handle which i always use and it's a sexy airbrush in general. for the price difference go the krome.
I've got the velocity with .18 needle and it is excellent takes a little getting used to plus you ned to be aware how dark your darks are before you put in cup as the black colour gives a little darker shade.just to their something else in to the mix, the sotar 2020 if also lush and a fair bit lighter.also carries the .18 needle