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hi all
new here so be nice :) ok well my gear is starting to come in the post 1 by 1 :triumphant: and today the badger krome came,wow its like christmas day lol,anyway can any one tell me the size of the needle that it came with from delivery in the airbrush its self,i can't see any numbers on this one or the other one that came with it,also would this be the best one to use for a newbie or should i put the other one in?

ok so i have to order all my parts,paints,etc on line so who would be the best to send parts to australia for the badger krome,and are all badger needle the same i.e. will they all fit any badger or do i have to order for the krome,i ask this cos i see needles all the time for other badgers but not the krome?

thanks mick

The Krome should come with the .21 installed, and the .3 set up spare. You have to swap all the parts for it to work right. The .21 is fine to learn, it just takes a bit more patience in the beginning. Figure whatever paint you get, use a 5-600% reduction to start, or use inks. This will keep the frustration down, and the paint/ink flowing, until you get the hang of paint reduction.

There should be some outlets in Australia that can help you out with parts, or use
Coast Airbrush in the US.

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.21 needle should have 1 band cut into the rear if it and the .3 should have 2 bands

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thanks guys,
you mention that the .21 is fine to start with,so when do you use the .3 sorry guys to ask this but I've been on every forum and thread etc for the past 6months and just can't remember were i found this sort of information my head is buzzing with info and its one big mash now I've got the airbrush :drunk:
Honestly the one time I tried the .3 I hated it. It has such a blunt tip needle it was weird. Has a strange spray .

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