Badger paint



A local art supply sold me all of his paint last year and sat. he said he was gong to stock Badger paint (sorry KEN I never heard of it) anybody know anything about badger airbrush acrylic. and is it any good. (Like I would know the difference) I use everything from auto air to apple tooth past consistency paint. bentoad
It's the spectratex brand bruce!, it's a cool paint, handles well, a bit like wicked and can be used on all surfaces, is light fast and really nice array of vibrant colours
I believe the spectra tex is not light fast, it is more for textiles and illustration. I think the Imagine air line is the badger automotive type paints that are lightfast.

I have used a bunch of the spectratex for tshirts . It works great for that. My local Michaels carries it.

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tHANKS I have spectra . It was in with all the close out paint. It works pretty easy It is regular price less than $3.00 for a 2 oz. bottle. It must have been on the shelf for a while. I dropped a 2 oz. bottle and the bottom broke off. and it is a good thing the floor was VA tile cause the bright yellow would have looked good on a rug. Thanks, bedtoad
Stand corrected, further research states that spectra is not light fast so sorry for misinformation there, however it is a multi surface paint, I have seen it used with great results on skateboards and plastics such as x box covers, the colours are crazy so vibrant!
Yeah it's not that you can't use spectra tex on metals, I just wouldn't leave it outside, or say on a motorcycle or car. The opaques are a bit of a paint, but aren't they all .

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