Badger patriot 105


Needle-chuck Ninja
Hi all. So im not sure globally but i cant seem to find one of these anywhere stateside. I can find them on ebay but i dont really trust ebay any longer. These are sold out everywhere online and in walk in stores. Kind of funny because this is the model i have chose to be my beginner brush.

Picked it. Tried to buy first said brush and now im SOL :(. Does anyone know when the next run is being released or have any suggestions??
Amazon has them in stock. They are eligible for Prime if you are a member.
If you have a A.C. Moore in your area them or Michael's usually have them. If you go to AC Moore get a store card and I think you get like 50% off, or go to their site and download the app and get 55% off. Good luck.
im going to end up ordering from amazon so the next thingy on my list needed is a compressor.. any suggestions as to a great affordable compressor to drive the patriot? noise isnt toooooo much of an issue but I would like something that wont bother my downstairs neighbors, im guessing a moisture trap would prolly be ideal as well.