Badger Patriot Hee Haw


Air-Valve Autobot!
Well....I finally had some bucks and bought it.
I had to say goodbye to my Camaro and sold it. Toys are always the first to Cash in the bank is golden.....But, I told the wife that since we have been tightening our belts for so long, we need to each take $200 each and blow it on anything we want. Dee is going to spend hers on Window tinting for her Mustang. She has wanted that for a long time...
I just happened to get a new 50% off coupon from Micheals. I just got Reg. $190.00 Cnd....Got it for $95. It is the Patriot 105 with the .3 set up. Exactly what I wanted.
Is there anything I should do or be aware of before I start playing????
I also picked up a needle nozzle set. It was on sale for $24.00.Cnd I couldnt find the size, but it says ...Detail...Conversion Kit. It says usable on the 105. Is this the smaller size (.21???)?
Thanx in advance for any info and Advice....
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Congrats and enjoy.

The "fine" that the Patriot comes with is around the .4 mark. The detail conversion kit is .3.
Congrats and enjoy.

The "fine" that the Patriot comes with is around the .4 mark. The detail conversion kit is .3.

The one I bought came with a .3,
The needle set I bought then, is a .3 also? It says '' conversion kit" Does that mean I cant use it being that I have that size already?
I think you may find that even if they are of similar size (I thought the patriot normally came with a much larger needle) that the angles are completely different, unless they are now shipping with that kit, the superfine conversion kit tends to have a higher polished and longer lead to the angle which does expose the needle a fair bit, try sitting em side by side, if they look exactly the same they may be LOL..back in the ol days LOL the iwatas had the nozzle you can take of to expose the needle, doing so would create a much finer spray pattern/line and taking the nozzle of didn't stop the spraying action, on a lot of Badgers it does and with most Badgers the needle was guarded and you couldn't remove the shroud as it helped create the venturi, this can cause issues when just wanting to be able to pick the tip quickly and also build up within the nozzle..I remember I bought a bullet tip for my old 150 badger and that used a similar principle of allowing the needle to be exposed and still spray fine and it supercharged the fine 0.2 needle setup on that 150..It seems a bit of a similar thing with the advent of the superfine conversion kit..Though no doubt ken may correct that assumption LOL

Try a test spray with the original it came with, swap it over, use the same paint and pressure and see what the conversion kit can do...:) And besides being very careful not to whallop the tip on your work theres not much else ya need to be aware of besides, chuck it in and try the bugga out :)..GL
This is what the "detail" conversion kit looks like and it's the fines that the Patriot/Anthem can take and it is .3.

Now i am really confused...
The kit i have doesnt look like that. It is the same as what is in the brush now. Its ok i have a complete back-up when I hit my
The gun I bought is the 105-BWH. Anyone know what the BWH stands for?
What's stamped on the head? Badger normally come with an extra nozzle that is already in the gun. Maybe the BWH means it comes with a complete extra set instead of just the nozzle.
Now I seee.....
There is an 'F' on the head and one notch on the back of the needle. Its the same on the extra needle, nozzle and needle I bought.
It didnt come with any extra....I bought it separate....
Thanx Andre....I bought the right extra parts