Badger renagade vel. Info



Is it normal to have air coming out from that part of the ab?
I open it up to see if it better..

It's by where the small hole is, that part that opens ..
I believe there should be a seal there, maybe flat, might be like paper.

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Maybe unscrew it all the way and add a drop or 2 of oil, screw back together and spray cleaner through it. Maybe the seal is dry.

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There's no seal inside there,only the black round one this gold needle has..

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There not support to have any air leaks on the gun right,the only air coming out should be the one on the tip of the needle.. ?

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There I no seal there. It seal in means of friction between the two parts. My Patriot also leaked there and I had to turn it tighter. You can always just put a drop of beeswax or chapstick inbetween the two pieces.
I put some Teflon tape,but still leaking air.. It only leaks air when I push the trigger..
I can not see how teflon tape will work. You need to seal the outer edge, not the inner edge. When you tighten it, use pliers but not direct on the metal. Clamp a clothes peg around the valve and then grip that with pliers. Don't over do it, you can strip the thread. Small turn and test, small tun and test.
Umm,ok.. Yea the Teflon tape was after I took a closer look and see that it was useless lol...
Ok I'll try to make it little more tighter, incase that don't work , it's there any other option?
Have to agree with Andre, just looked at my Velocity, no seal. Beeswax or chapstick. Was it a major leak?