Badger tc 9-10 compressor


Air-Valve Autobot!
I just bought this compressor this past summer and want to make a few comments. the compressor is the same as the less expensive air compressor sold by tcp global. next i had issues with over heating so i recommend a cooling fan i called badger becaus i had isues with an air leak i could not find so after disassembling the compressor i found the seal at the top of the compressor had a worn spot on it and the cylinder had a few gouges worn in the side. so naturally badger sent me a replacement piston seal and cylinder the only problem was thee 2 screws at the top of the piston i could not unscrew them to save my life so until i get a replacement set of screws and lower piston section i decided to use a small amount of jb weld around the worn seal and i chased the scratches on the cylinder wall with wet dry now the compressor runs just as good as before i also lubricated the cylinder with a wee bit of lithium grease it holds pressure overnight cool :tickled_pink:
this is not a complaint sort of a thank you to badger i didnot want to send my compressor in and be down for two weeks i have a broken hind leg i cant work i am trying to make money with my airbrush