badger velocity


Air-Valve Autobot!
So I seem to have a bad case of air brush block and cant figure oot what to paint so when I ordered my new fluid head for the iwata i ordered a fresh needle bearing for my velocity and after watching josh do his magic on his paint pal and watching the fine detail he was getting with his krome I decided to give my velocity a good clean up and after an hour or so of playing around with it I put it back together and it just about does what the micron does i have to say i am impressed. after i win the competition i think my next air brush will be a side cup version of the velocity. It is after all the same gun as the krome different coating and trigger assembly. I am going to go out for coffee and when i get back il try to post some pictures may bee il do a comparison video. I was using etac and i did notice as i dilute the paint sand drop pressure when everything is perfect i can get micro lines