Bakery Crafts: Kopykake/Iwata related?


Mac-Valve Maestro!

While rarely discussed in this forum, the food industry, particularly bakery, is an important market for airbrushes. Cake decorations, cookies, etc.
There are dedicated airbrushes for this market. I've seen that it is common in this segment to use valve-less / continuous air units as well as transparent air hoses to monitor any possible contaminant.
Anyways, I've always been curious. Recently, I got a BAKERY CRAFTS brand airbrush for the price of the QD adapter. From the online pictures it looked suspiciously identical to 2Diverse's Kopykake he posted a while ago, except of course for the engraved name. It does have an air valve so it is not a continuous air unit. That is easily modified by replacing the valve assembly or simply removing the valve's O-ring. The QD is very convenient. It was leaking so I used a little plumber's tape. Problem solved.


Even before taking any pictures, I noticed the needle was slightly bent. Took it out and reworked it so there are no pictures of it before. It was straightened and polished. The rest of the airbrush looked to be in decent shape, but could benefit from a good clean.

The cup has a little dent. Most likely it was dropped hitting cup first.

Needle chuck and tube shank show some signs of been forced with pliers.

It seems to be the twin brother of Jim's Kopykake. I only disassembled enough for a good clean.

The nozzle looks very similar to the Iwata design. The seller claimed it is a 0.4mm. Maybe the original documentation specified it.

After a good clean and polish:




It works perfectly fine. It feels very solid and well made. I have no experience with Iwatas but I suspect it is similar in the feel. From the Kopykake's thread discussion, these are most likely related to Iwata in terms or manufacturing facility.
Tested with thinner. Something I noticed is that the trigger needs to travel quite a long way (relative to others) for the media to start to flow. It has good control and can produce fine detail.

I will eventually test with food coloring and also with a cordless compressor just to see how it behaves.
What do you think?

Great post, nice to have good photos. I have my eye on these myself. Looks like you have yourself a nice brush. Most seem to be in the US where BakeryCraft is based. They now get the air brushes from China (shipping data) but it’s clear these older models are from japan and are still pictured on their site, and look identical to the KopyKakes as you say.

Likewise my KK has a forward trigger so there is more travel than the Iwatas that I have tried.