Bare Canvas.


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Ok so I did some work on bare canvas and "ick" lol. Was Kinda in a hurry as this is for a good friend of mine for X-Mas. I got the idea from an older colored pencil drawing that I did back in 91. I like the concept but just need to apply a better more detailed technique and not rush. Also my shields and texture stencils are MIA for some reason, sigh, groan pffttttt.


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I think it looks great. I especially like the way you filled the Harley logo. I can tell you probably like a lot of the same things I do by your name and what you paint. That drawing is neat. If I can share a thought, I bet if you worked in some fire behind the intake eyes somehow that would really make it pop! If I were you I'd do one just like your original drawing. Very cool.