Bargains are out there


Air-Valve Autobot!
A month ago I managed to get another bargain on Ebay. This time it was an Eclipse HP-BCS. Seller wanted $90 and took offers so I offered $50 and it was accepted. And that included free shipping in the USA.

It did take a while to get here as the parcel forwarding service send it to the middle east fro some reason. It finally made it and I did not even have pay for their services. Another bargain.

It came without a box or accessories but did come with two Paasche cups just like the pictures on Ebay. I promptly striped it here at work and saw something odd about the nozzle. It looked damaged. I then rammed the needle in thinking that it is busted anyway and I have a replacement at home. I heard a light pop and needle seated properly. With the cups having those bended tubes I was ready to just pop them into the parts bin as I do have Badger cups with straight tubes.

I got home, stripped and cleaned it completely. The head threads still had the factory sticky grease on. I looked at the nozzle through my loupe and everything looked alright. I attached a cup, poured some paint in and it worked 100%.

Replaced all the springs with tackled the pictured I'm playing with at the moment. It's just on copy paper it is not the best results. I was really surprised at what low pressure I can spray. Paint is about 3 parts water to 1 part base and 1 part E'tac. I played at about 10psi.

This is just another example of how good the Eclipse range is.

This is what arrived.

With the twisted tube on the cups, it is actually perfect for the angle I paint at.

I did the eyes with it. I only used my circle stencil to map in the pupil and the iris. Otherwise all freehand. No erasing or scratching seeing that it is on cheap paper.
You're lucky one to get good tool with no issues!
Twice I've bought Iwatas from e-bay. One was with bent needle, thanx it was without broken nozzle... Another one was sold as "new unpacked" and I'd say it was unpacked, but that had split nozzle. And who knows was it unpacked or was not, but we know about the nozzle. I have serious doubts that at the Iwata factory they put bad nozzle:)
I was not lucky as the brush was HP-SBS which has more expensive nozzle (0,35mm) which I had to replace for a new one. I don't now why the seller stated AB was new. It's no good. Though AB body was perfect.
So after these surprises I'd buy AB for real low price there. But I bought only new ABs since then. E-bay is a lottery, at least it was for me with the ABs. Other things were more or less like I expected and as it was described by the sellers.

Interesting thing about those cups! I didn't know what they'd be useful for. So now I know;) I paint standing at the easel, so the bottom cups with straight tube are for me. I like triggers on Eclipse series.