Base black or white



Hi all
I am wondering if there is a rule of thumb concerning base colour of paper/canvas etc. I am looking to paint an image which has bright white and dark black with a range of blues in between. I use gesso to prep my picture canvasses and i was curious how people generally approach this issue?

Thank you in advance

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I always prefer to work over white, personally. With airbrush, any time you paint a lighter tone over a darker tone, the paint will shift blue, which screws up your color accuracy and generally looks like hell (especially with skin tones). I find that it's easier to just work from light to dark, even if that means spraying in some black later.

That route isn't always an option when doing automotive work, but when I have the option, I find it's a much easier way to go.
Thanks for the reply, and great info, i have a way forward now

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