Battery eraser, power mod


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I saw this on the Createx and Wicked user group o Facebook and just had to try it.

I just took and old USB cable, snipped of the one end, opened the black and red wires, connected it to the battery connectors on the erasers and voila, instant power adapter. I will however see if I can put a resistor inline to drop it from the 5v is is currently getting from the socket to the 3v it is meant to get. Maybe it is such a small amount that
does not matter but I have no clue about electronics and don't want to destroy my eraser.

You can now just drill a hole in the battery cover so make it pretty. I would make a knot in the cable or put on a cable tie so that it does not pull out of the hole.


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Seen that you were gonna try this on FB. Wish id seen this before id bought my other mains powered one
I saw that on FB, awesome idea. Gona go search for an old usb cable now :). Thx for postin @AndreZA