So, I've been asked to paint a large trailer mounted BBQ pit... Any pointers would be appreciated. Kind of paint, clear, etc...
The first thing I'd worry about if it's going to get hot, if so I wonder if it's going to be smart to paint it at all.

If it's a normal metal surface that won't get hot I'd go for a paint thats actualy meant for it. Maybe autoair if you want water based or HOK or Inspire if you don't mind paint of the toxic persuasion. As it is probably going to be outside a lot I'd go for 2k for clearcoat.

As to the prep work I'm sure the search function will come up with a couple of posts about that.
Yeah, the heat part kind of worried me. It's going to be an awning and enclosure, so it won't get direct heat, but I'm sure it will get a bit hot. He wanted the pit repainted as well as it has started to gather some rust marks. It was painted black originally, and looks like it's held up pretty well over the past couple of years, but I don't know what it was painted with...
you can get grill paint in a can . Check you local hardware store , It does come in different colors .
Grill paint has to be reapplied usually yearly. Standard auto paint will blister and fall off eventually

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You can get this stuff at Walmaart

But do wish to airbrush this thing or just clean it up with one colour, I've just googled heat "resistant paints" and there is actually quite list comes up, I don't believe your awning is going to get anywhere near as hot as the barbecue bed it'self, so if you google like I did, you may be able to find some decent colours in spray cans that you could stencil designs with.

I would be more than happy to google this for but the results I get are mostly relative to my location (Europe) which is useless for you.

If all you want to do is paint everything black then the link above is all you need.