been practacing lines.. where am i going wrong?



hey folks quick question.. so i printed out some of the exercise sheets and have been practicing control and flow of paint..
i was getting some really nice crisp lines then out of no where gaps started to appear? im not changing the flow of paint or moving my finger at all when it happens so what am i doing wrong lol
its like -------------- --------------- excuse the example lol im not able to upload pics just now lmao

Bobcat that is called tipdry.. mainly the paint coming out of the airbrush start to dry and build up on the tip of the airbrush. A lot of folks just pick the tip and remove the dried paint. Some use a Q-tip dipped in cleaning solution and dab it to remove the dried paint.
So it is normal but something we have all learned to deal with.
Paint tends to clog after a while, it builds up especially around the needle tip. Try taking the needle out when the airbrush becomes unpredicatable and / or add more water to the paint en if necessary a retarder additive (which makes it flow better and longer). When setting up an airbrush I mix water : Paint = 10 : 1 or even thinner (depending on the paint brand). Createx will work fine with the aforementioned mix-ratios, Com-Art does not even need to be diluted (can be used straight from the bottle). In later stages you can use less water and more paint. Also make sure the air pressure is high enough. For thinly mixed paint you can use lower air pressures and you should turn the pressure up when mixing more paint.
thanks ignis, and im loving this family vibe thats going on herb :p im going to need to experiment a bit i think.

the paint im using is water based acrylics from magic color.. i should have done some more research before i bought them. there isnt anything wrong with them as such.. excellent for practicing control but im not sure what else i can use them on other than paper :/ what do you think guys?
I know Magic Color from a long lost past... The bottles (I googled it) look like Rotring Acrylic ink, one of the best media I've ever used. Wonder if this is some type of revival... I'll get into this.
I use an old baby tooth brush for my tip. I put a little cleaner on it, and whola..dry paint all gone :adoration:
I use a cosmetic sponge laced with cleaner to do mine with.
Seems to work just fine.
I tried a few different methods and for me I use the cosmetic wedges dampened with reducer, I like them better because it is a very small celled and very soft sponge type and I think it works better than a piece of regular sponge.....sorry Seamonkey lol
good thing to know much to learn......this board rocks!!!!!!everybody is so helpful.