Begginer- I have air but little to no paint and Odd Spray pattern


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I always have some paper at the side of the painting to do some testing on and a warm up to make sure the paint is flowing right before I spray n the actual painting. Dots and lines are very boring but still good to do. The colouring pages are a great alternative and also give you other things to do like fades, edge control etc. Practice practice practice, no substitute for it. Have fun and let us know how you get on, maybe even a few pics if you want.


Karl Becker

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I learned that lesson early on. I keep a piece of copy paper taped to the counter under/in front of my easel. Spray some test lines and adjust air pressure til it's dialed in. When it gets too mucked up to use anymore, throw it away and tape down another. This one is about done...

test paper.jpg


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If you use a large magnetic white board (from the dollar store) on your easel, you can spray direct onto that, bit of windex to clean it off :)
As a bonus it teaches ryobi how to keep your pressure right so you don’t get ‘spiders’ :)


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I have a practice sheet from Scott MacKay somewhere. It’s lines, dots and stuff, but al laid out. Let me dig it out and I’ll post it here. I found them really useful.

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