begin with Createx Wicked, need help!:)



Hi, I'm new and an airbrushing beginner!
I have bought an Iwata Neo-CN airbrush and I have painted with decent result small airplane models last winter season, but i have used tamiya colors with tamiya reducer.

At today I have decided to increase my ability and I would like to try painting a fuselage for an rc helicopter. I'm doing practice with Createx wicked color with wicked reducer.
My problem start when i'm trying to draw a line or a dot for example, the line appear with small drop of colour.
I have made a color mix like 1:1 and 1:2, and tried preasure about 15 and 30 psi.

What a can do to draw better lines and dots? Change mix parts between color and reducer or take a different airbrush with a 0.5 noozle(neo-cn have a 0.3)?

Thanks for all advice!!
Try 1 part paint 4 part reducer sprayed at around 20 psi.... that should get you flowing Ok..... reduce more if required
Thanks for yout tip!:)
Well I have another dubt, when I mix color and reducer and shake it, how many minutes i have to wait before paint? 3-5 miuntes? This evening i will try your suggestion 1 part color and 4 parts of reducer.
I'm with adfez. Atleast 1:4 reduction and more if you want to use less air. It still covers nicely at that reduction.
Some people suggest waiting like 15 minutes. .... I wait add long as it takes to roll a er er " cigarette"
Thanks, i will try with this information.
I will reply after new experiments and hope new good results!!:)

See u soon...
Hi Cescop - I have used wicked straight and with a 1:1 reduction - on T shirts (fabric) and about 40psi. if you are painting hard surfaces I agree with Ad and Andre.
Some people suggest waiting like 15 minutes. .... I wait add long as it takes to roll a er er " cigarette"
Really??? I put in the paint the reducer/water, shake it and put it in my brush and spray. Why wait??
I have prepared the mixture now, 1hour before spraying, 1 part of color and 4 part of's like a milk but it's black!:)
I will try with this mix and around 20 PSI air flow.

To be continue...
Hi Folks!:)
Well i have finished my evening of experiment for today!:)
I will post two pic made with my phone, excuse me for lower quality i hope to do better work next time, but the explain some notes.
In the first one I have made many lines and dots, i have tried to kept air flow always open between each lines or dots.
During my exercise I have seen this:
1. It's very important to be perpendicular to the sheet or the surface and mantain the same distance to make similar dots.
2. After two or three lines i have to dry the noozle with finger or small peace of paper.
3. many dots appear not focused, I mean that they are not perfectly rounded and border aren't defined. (too much air? color too reduced? My hand natural mouvment?)

In the second pic i have tried to realize a little 3d effect with masking film, all on black because i have reduced only black color for this evening!:)

So my question are:
Only practice can solve problem about definition of line and dots or there are some adjustment that i can do about air preasure, reducing process with Createx W100 reducer?
What can i do to prevent frequently tip dry?

The last think: i have downloaded the createx color guide and on it I read:
"Reducing: Mix 5608 Createx Illustration Base, Wicked W100 Reducer or Auto Air 4011 Flash Reducer in various ratios to achieve desired viscosity. Reduced colors best used 24 hours after mixing."
Infact after one hour from mixing 1 part of balck with 4 parts of reducer the misture result more similar like a milk than yesterday evening with no waiting time.

Thanks to all, excuse my english I hope to be better in a future also to use it on this forum.
I never wait after mixing paint and reducer, I mix straight into the cup and start painting, and don't have any issues with it. Tip dry is the nature of the beast when airbrushing unfortunately. You need the air to push out the paint, but the air also dries the paint on the needle. To avoid this as much as possible, the paint will dry less if there is less air, but will also spray less paint and so it will need more reducing. When you get the balance right tip dry won't be much of an issue, and will also help keep your painting 'cleaner' and sharper. Just experiment with your reduction mixture, and remember the ore you reduce, the less air pressure you need. Everyone has their own favourite settings, so just keep adjusting until you find what works for you.
Thank Squishy, i have took notes during my exercises and I hope to made progress.
Thanks for all of your support.
Unfortunately there is not any one answer we can give because there are too many variables such as temperature, humidity, type of compressor / air pressure, if your painting on a hard surface (metal, wood, ect,) or one that is absorbent (paper, textiles, ect.) what size needle/nozzle used. We can however give a start point from our own experiences and the biggest thing is experiment till you get what you want, and PRACTICE,PRACTICE, oh and did I say PRACTICE? lol
Thank you Shadow, I'm making tests tests and other...tests!:)
I have understood that Practice is very important and i'm trying to do it on most common surfaces that I have: paper, plastic and glass fiber canopy for rc models. Next week I hope to post new experince done!:)

Have a good weekend to all!
Have two hours of free time before dinner with friends...relaxing with airbrush!:)
I have to work about proportions, line weight and much more...yes I know it's like a child draw but it's funny practice!:)

Next week more dots and lines...I'll promise!:)

See you soon!:)