beginenr from the netherlands



hi guys,

whell since im new to this forum il introduce myself.

my name is Rick, i live in the netherlands, im 14 years old and ive been brushing for bout 2 years.
my interest are: whell airbrushing, mountainbiking, bare foot running, and working on my car.
ive been painting and working on cars and bikes since i was 6, and 2 years ago i saw some aibrushing mags, whell i wanted to do that to.
i cant draw that good, nor paint, but ive found my way to getting the hang off it and i love that i keep improving by every piece.

Welcome to the forum from the Uk Rick, you are starting from a good age mate and you will learn real fast, sounds like you have plenty of enthusiasm which is great. I think we may adopt you as the forums new apprentice :)
Do be afraid to ask anything and most of all don't be afraid to paint anything!!
Have fun and get stuck in and show us your work my friend. Enjoy
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il post something t-nite, im more feelign in mapping my leopard out. its a project i wanted to use to try schminckes new sepia, super under reduced in the hp c at +- 20 psi
Hi Rick and welcome to the Forum :)
I wish i would have started out with your age already with the airbrush :) . Btw how do you mountainbike in holland since you dont have any montains? lol :)
whell, we do have hills, where i live, we have in a radius off 20 kilometers a couple off big ass mountainbike hills, i can do 50 kmh downhill on em, we do have some kick ass hils.

but the bigger are in limburg, you cvan get to 60 kmh there, some downhill parts are 1 kilometer to 2, wich is pretty fun.

but since i do gymnasium, wich is the highest form we can do in holland, i never have time for it. got a 600 euro bike being a dust trap...
thats why i started barefoot running, i can just do a 5 kilometers in 30min or some instead off the whole day bikin.
Hi from the uk mate. I wish I had started at your age, I might be good at it by now Lol!. Looking forward to seeing some of your work soon!
Welcome Rick!! Glad to see you signed up over here buddy!!! You will like it here, I'm sure of it!! Enjoy!!