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Hi all,

What a great community here. And thanks to all involved for starting this great airbrushing resource; or dare I say cult! ;)

I first came across the idea of airbrushing about 5 years ago when I was looking to get a better finish when painting model cars than that provided by Tamiya spray cans. The Tamiya cans tended to provide a textured finish. So I bought a Badger Anthem 155 which is probably overkill for the job, but I had had a bad experience with cheaper airbrushes; which I have since learnt was more than likely due to those awful low psi compressed air cans that model shops sell with airbrushes. Unfortunately soon after, circumstances resulted in a reduction in free time and I stopped making model cars and the Anthem got mothballed.

Around March this year some free time appeared I was able to pick up on some of my old projects. I had being trying to research how I could point my own livery onto Scalextric cars, including methods, suitable paint (paint that will survive the impact), etc. Increasingly my research kept drawing me toward airbrushing websites. The more I visited these sites, and the more I read, the more I begun to get an appreciation of how technical and wonderful this subject is. I started to develop an interest in airbrushing for it's own sake. Starting initially with an interest in illustration airbrushing I got hooked. Around April this year (2013) I started the usual dot, line, dagger stroke exercises and attempted by first artwork (a rose tutorial from an airbrushing book). To be honest I was quite pleased with it for a first attempt.

In July this year I attended a 3-day intro course run by Simon Murray from SM Designs (very nice Irish guy and top artist). He imparted a lot of airbrushing knowledge and insight, particularly into the automotive custom artwork side of the airbrushing business. Unfortunately since then free time has again become tight and I have been unable to push on and improve. Although I am still as keen as ever and think about airbrushing daily.

I first came across Airbrush Tutor back in April and have found it a great source of inspiration throughout my fledgling airbrushing journey. Again I thank Mitch for being a great virtual mentor. Looking forward to attempting some of his project tutorials as soon as time allows.

Welcome to the forum from the US.

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Hey shobber welcome along bud im from pboro so if you need any face to face help with the basics just give us a shout
Hey, Shobber! I'm relatively new myself here as well, but everyone is really great, helping me out tons with my million and one questions, welcome!
Hello Shobber and welcome from the US, many talented and knowledgeable peeps here all willing to help.
welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:beguiled:
Hey welcome aboard Shobber , I'm also just up the road near Bury st Edmunds! You are in the right place my friend and amongst like minded people.
You already have made a great start by taking a beginners course, are you aware Mitch is also holding courses here in the UK in November?.
Enjoy yourself here and get painting mate.
Hey Guys! Thanks for all the welcomes and thanks for all the offers of help!

Particular thanks to ad fez for the offer of face to face.

Cordyk, Yeah! I do know about Mitch's course, it looks very tempting, but am running out of holiday this year. I may be able to work something out last minute, if there are still places left. Cash is also a factor, as always :( Do you know if Mitch has plans for courses next year?
Hi from just north of Norwich! This is an excellent place to hang, the guys are always helpful and with a laugh or three thrown in! Do you know about Marissa's courses coming up in October at Airbrush and Paint in Yarmouth? I did the colour portrait one last year and my confidence and ability soared, my airbrushing improved to the n'th degree. I'm going back for the animal workshop this year (early Christmas pressie from my new fella - if he's trying to score points OMG is he doing well!!).

Anyway, welcome aboard :)
with regards to holiday its on the friday... sat and sunday..... (im really sick day..... im still quite sick day.... what do you know im feeling better day)
Hi TT, Thanks for the course info, but I only have so much time and money (boo-hoo!). Maybe next year.
Cheers, Shobber
ad fez, you're so persuasive. I think I need to try harder to convince my wife I reeeally neeeed to go on this one :)