Beginner frustration!



Hi everyone! I have a Master series airbrush model G444. I have a .5 needle and I am using spectra-tex paint.

I can't seem to get the thing to work correctly, if it's not one problem it's another. For starters when I push down on the trigger only for air, a tiny bit of paint is still released. I have tried tightening the nozzle, tightening the air cap, lowering the air pressure and reseating and tightening the needle and chuck I can't raise the viscosity level of the paint so i don't know what else to try. Also when I pull about half way back on the trigger for paint a good amount is released, if I pull any farther it stops releasing paint and just spurts small amounts. I have tried very thorough cleanings of every piece, lowering and raising air pressure and different paint viscosities. Last but not least, when I release the backward trigger pull for paint it spurts like there is a burst of air at the end of the trigger pull. I make every effort to make sure I'm not stopping the air flow at all before I have completely reseated the trigger forward. So it's not the traditional barbell effect it is something else. I could really use some help been getting really frustrated! Thank you!
Call the company where you bought the gun. My master has seals on the inside, and when one went bad it did the same thing. Not sure if your type has the same inner seals. If the gun is new, you shoukdnt be having that problem.
Sounds to me like a cracked or clogged nozzle.
If there is a piece of paint toward the end of the nozzle it can cause a small amount of paint to come out.
If you pull back farther on the trigger and it stops, there may be a big piece of paint or obstruction that does not show its ugly face until there is a good amount of paint flow. Just my thought on it. Try cleaning your nozzle and the inside of the brush between the nozzle end of the body and the paint cup.
Be careful tightening the nozzle they can be pretty delicate, tighten too much and you could break the threads off.