Beginner in KUSTOM art .. generally , airbrushing too.



As the title sais .. WE, including me, the people who are trying to learn how to paint something, are in a BIG, HUGE,hurry you want to clap on hands and the work to appear on canvas. BRRRRRRR HOLD ON thebrake pedal.

I am just talking right now from my experience, and I think I am a good example.

so let me tell you in few words what is my story.
I god a motorcycle and a helmet. I am working in aerospace engineering and I wanted my helmet be painted with an aircraft engineering theme. The price was .. : brrrr, can`t even tell you .. thousands. huge price for me. so I saw on youtube if you use stencils .. the airbrushing is peace of cake. excrement IT DOESN'T end of my story.

I am now playing with my IWATA ECLIPSE HP CS for about 2 months, since i bought it i am still doing the dot`s, lines and dagger strokes, EVERY TIME I START WORKING ON MY ART. every every time i do dots and lines and dagger to see if my airbrush is working properly, this that even AirbrushTutor the God of this forum who will block my account, is not cleaning his awesome Kustom Micron from Iwata as it should, there is time when you cannot pay attention to details when cleaning because you are admiring your airbrush art, You are an "airbrush artist" as someone herearound said.

Let`s get back to TOPIC.

For me, any picture, the hardest one, is very simple at the very first view, here is a blending lie, here is a blending moving dot( here our AirbrushTutor and make a video on how to do that, i had to do that few times and really cool effects can come over), here is some 8s effects, and so on.
The problem to me i not I don`t know what to do , I REALLY KNOW but .. I cannot control the way i want my airbrush.


If you just use a microsecond for a detail, your work will be better then AirbrushTutor, he with micron and you with a 10$ Chinese airbrush(just don`t try if you want to start airbrushing a Chinese airbrush, keep watch youtube videos as I did, until you can afford a good airbrush, because you will say, **** airbrushing, here people spend 500$`s dollars just for one airbrush, is too expensive, no it does not, an iwata neo, an badger 180 is just great for learning, is just 50$).

pay attention at your practice.

Improve your practice. do things comes in your mind. use helpers like stencils, dish sponge water and other things.

Great effect are approved by clients, just try to use the stencils as when you are finish with your work someone that do an airbrushing job as you cannot tell what stencil or what effect you used on your art.

Try to steal from all the airbrush artists and make your own style.

One more advice, listen to your most liked music, if you just love one new song, make a playlist with 100th times at a row with that song(for me this just works) I forget about anything around me and I can concentrate on my work.

make yourself comfortable when work, this is a job, so when you work you got to have a lovely environment.

start with what you would like, BUT DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED IF YOUR FINISHED PRODUCT WILL NOT LOOK LIKE YOUR REFERENCE. when i worked at my very first wolf I did lots of papers with the same stencils and improved all the things i did not liked. all my friends who saw the mistakes said it were great, but for me they were not, so i corrected them.

the most important think, use an respirator, use an airbrush holder because i broken my needle and my cap after the first use of my airbrush and that costs me about 30% of all my airbrush price.

Another thing, don`t just go and paint the 50 cent's car because you saw how to on youtube, practice, practice, and .. not practice because that think you already know, twice. think about .. clear coat, think about, the finishing product. Take you time, for studying products, if you have a tutor go for it, go and use his tools and paints and finished, if don`t , just try some products and see what is nice for you, for me.. for example I use comart and a can clear coat in 4 rows, ad the paint lasts great till now... but now for me is just 2 months not years... think that when a customer comes to you he comes to you for a life work, so if your clear coat get's over .. over one year you will get a bad reputation .. 1st just make the projects for yourself then start for others, but if you go for others from 1st instance go with a lower price.

people talk to each other, they will know you if you do a nice job.

but still.

learn how to control an airbrush.

So . I wanted to paint my helmet and my motorcycle, a honda vfr 750 rc 36 from 1992 ..
I got few months since my motorcycle is naked .. naked I mean naked : no lights, no plastics, no fibers, just engine, frame wheels and steering and brakes, just the basic functionality. I already got 10 tickets for no lightning on my bike, but i have no time to finish airbrushing my bike, and I cannot control myself riding it.great bike.

take your time, Pay your Bills, Ride Safe, PAINT YOUR IDEAS, SPREAD THE LOVEALL OVER YOU GO.
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patience,my friend rome was not built in a day.airbrushing is an art that requieres time,you now may seen that you are not going anywhere,actually if you want to be anaamzing airbrusher, this is the time,work calmly,take your time and forget the no time you will be there!!!