Beginner in NZ trying to find supplies



Hi Guys and Gals,
As the thread title says I am a beginner in NZ and am havinga few “issues” finding supplies. Stillhave a few avenues to follow before I give up and buy from offshore, but to behonest the price of shipping is sometimes plain ridiculous ($44US to ship someneedle juice to NZ - WTH?). Maybe thereis an Aussie supplier that won’t want a kidney per shipment.
I have a badger Krome AB and would prefer to use badgerproducts to clean and maintain it. However I am having problems finding badger products and am wondering if myproduct loyalty is misplaced and I should just use whatever I can find locally(or make myself).
The paint I have got for my first foray into Airbrushing areGolden Airbrush paints (waterbased) and I couldn’t find a cleaner/reducer/restorerto match this brand in the store I got them from. Is there a generic brand or recipe I can usethat will not damage the Krome?