Hi everyone. My name is Stan and I'm an old fart (63 young) and just getting into airbrushing. I have just purchased an Iwata HP c+ second hand off ebay and I believe it may be from Tufty on the forum. Also got myself a small compressor with air tank and regulator/watertrap. If it is the same tufty on here then he pointed me in the forums direction bless him:)

I am retired due to ill health ( a few years ago me and my Yamaha R6 and a volvo fell out, I came of worse and the bike died RIP R6) I took up painting as a hobby and recently attended a wild life workshop using Pastels but the background was done using an airbrush, this got me interested. When proficiant I want to incorporate the airbrush in my watercolours pastels and acrylic paintings.

Having a bit of a do with a Badger Krome at the moment that I purchased new that has thread problems as discussed on this forum so not tried it, hence buying the second hand airbrush. Ken from Badger is hopefully sorting this for me when he gets back from his trip, maybe I should have bought an Iwata in the first place?? Just need to get some paint now. I do have some pro colour that I use for painting and it says it can be used for airbrushing but not tried it.

Look forward to getting started and hopefully learning lots from the forum.

welcome stan,, im trying to incoporate my airbrush into my brush paintings.. make your self at home
Hi Stan welcome aboard :) . I do have some colors from Hansa that are named Pro Color, they are special airbrush colors. Not sure if you have the same, but if you do then they are really
great colors for airbrushing.
hey stan welcome mate, sorry to hear of your accident! however I am glad you have picked up the brush to pitas the time!, the badger brushes are actually great brushes and once you have your teething problems sorted you should find it suits you.any help in ther future let us know buddy!
Thanks for the welcome all. The pro colour I have is from a wildlife artist linda Wain, she imports it from Canada. It comes in 59mil bottles and is liquid. I have some flow formula to go with it. I use it for wildlife painting (brush Painting) but it says it is suitable for airbrushing. May have to reduce it though but Linda recommends using the flow formula with it hence I got some. I might try it with my neo first and see what happens.:nevreness:
Welcome Stan, no need to mention old fart, we have a few already and I don't think the smell could get any worse so let her rip, lmao!!! I had to do it!! I have been told its not good to hold it in, lmao!!
I'll stop now, welcome to the forum and I'm also glad you picked up the brush!!

Welcome Stan ,don't forget to post up some pics of your art - doesn't matter that its not airbrushed - this is your intro thread
Thanks everyone. I'll try and post some of my work as soon as I get the hang of things, may have to make the pictures smaller though. Only been painting a year so dont laugh guys:smile-new:
Thanks everyone. I'll try and post some of my work as soon as I get the hang of things, may have to make the pictures smaller though. Only been painting a year so dont laugh guys:smile-new:

Don´t worry we wont laugh since we already seen our own first paintings lol :)
I think also stan the majority of people on this forum have been painting around the year mark, its just about finding a medium that suits you....I'm sure you wil do great with the airbrush!
Some of my Art work

Petal.jpgPaddy.jpgTiger 2.jpg Two wildlife pastel paintings, the fluffy kitten is one of the kittens my wife breeds and kept as a show cat. The portrait is my first watercolour portrait.
love each of these stan! you can produce some really nice paintings with current medium, it will take you songs time to get same standard with the brush but practice the technique and you will get obviously have an artistic eye which wil help once you have technique down
Those paintings look awesome Stan, when you managed to controll the airbrush and then combine your abilities you can paint about anything :)
Well Stan , Spectra-Tex or Wicked paints are great stuff , Wild life paintings are cool and challenging . One of my favorite wildlife artist is Tutorials | Jürek Art but he combines hairy brush with airbrush.
I say I am a bit younger than you (55) so just goes to show you are never to old to learn and try new things..

Oh and welcome home....
Many thanks for the welcome guys and Herb. I will try and get hold of some spectra tex if I can. Just thought I might add just two more of my pastel paintings. I hope to incorporate the airbrush into my art along with bruskwork too. I will take a look at the site Herb suggested. My paintings are not brilliant but only been at it a year and still learning.Pup.jpgBlue tit small.jpg
Thanks Herb appreciate it,glad your son likes the pup:joyous:
Your brush paintings are very good i would say, im curious how you will do with the airbrush and then also combining your 2 techniques :)