just getting started and have decided to start off painting fishing lures. I nee a paint that will hold up to repeated imursion in water and be durable enough to take fish biting, bumping into trees, rocks, sand, ect. any suggestions?

The only problem with this stuff despite being super strong (I use this a lot) is that you need to be careful what paint goes under it, it will eat water based paints, a test piece would be good idea before risking an important job.

Also this stuff is epoxy based and some people have an instant allergy to epoxy, when they do the effect is usually like something from a horror melt movie, so the use protective gloves would also be clever and I wouldn't recommend trying to spray it, if it's quick drying it will dry in the nozzle and nothing will remove it.
Yes that stuff sets like stone. I use to work in a lure shop when I was a kid that we would basically dip the lure in this vat and hang it , it was dry almost before we could get them hung. Not sure it is the same stuff being this was 40 years ago but works the same.