Am having trouble I but tape over createx colors and it peels the paint off


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Createx is a textile paint , Made for T-shirts , If you are trying to use it on a hard surface it will in most cases peel up the paint. Even when you heat set it.
If you are painting on Metal or other hard surfaces you will want to get some Wicked or AutoAir both made by Createx but designed for automotive work.


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Dont forget, if on metal, need to scruff up with red scotchbrite. Also, I found that if you dont let heat cure between coats, it will peel on you..and caking paint on also makes it peel.
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Also if on plastic, you will need a plastic primer to make a chemical bond to the plastic or it won't stay on. If you switch to wicked paint and use their w500 reducer which helps with curing, and also try detacking your tape a bit just by sticking it to your t-shirt a couple of times first.


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Welcome to the forum Brooklyn, loads of great artists here willing to help out and share their knowledge. The first tip I will give you, and you may want to write this down "DONT EAT YELLOW SNOW"!!!! Im serious as I can be, that stuff tastes nasty. Okay, now to my other tip, I use Bulldog adhesion promoter or DupliColor adhesion promoter, but as stated above, I use Wicked Brand paints, ETAC Paints, SpectraTex Paints or Auto Air Paints, not a big fan of Createx textile paints and they can also be hard to learn with because of tip dry. Also as stated above, I always scuff with a red or green scotchbrite pad and clean it really well with wax/degreaser before I even apply the adhesion promoter! Good luck and let us know how it goes for ya