Being an Aussie an all. Thought I'd sign in.


Needle-chuck Ninja
Hi all,
Names Dan. Some members may already recognize the User name from other forums.
As of four days ago, I'm now a Peninsula (vic) lad... Dirt Bikes and Hot Rods.... Bring it on! :D

I've been at the airbrush for a number of years now, So I'll fit in here easily by the looks of what (briefly) I've seen.
Pinstriping is another avenue I've been honing my skills in. Lettering is next.

Looking forward to seeing whats about.

welcome from honduras,hope you call this place home like i do!!!:smile-new:
Hi Dan, welcome to the forum. Some great guys here, and amazing artists, hope to learn from you, and hope you find some help here in return. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
Welcome to the family Dan!!! I'm no Aussie but I'm positive you will fit in here :)

"Sometimes you have to let one slip......just to remind people your $#!+ really does stink ;)
Welcome to the forum Dan. I'm sure you will firing just fine. Please post some of your work up when you get chance.

G'day Dan! Nice to have you on board mate! If we get enough Aussies on here we'll be able to take the whole ship:)
Sorry guys. I now have my settings set to subscribed and receive emails upon notifications.

You guys sure make a guy feel welcome. Thanks to all, both here and abroad.
I haven't done much airbrushing for the last year due to my location and equipment so far away. That has now changed. My compressors been pulled out of the car and waiting to be rigged up ready to be put into action once again.
Have a few Helmets I'm keen to play with. The HP-CH needs a new Nozzle, And the .2 conversion is looking very very appealing. I'm sure several bottles from my batch of wicked/AA has gone off by now.
The practice bike tank will get rubbed back once more.
Then, Draped over the Comp, I had an old practice piece of cloth I had painted on for practice some time ago. Got me thinking.. I have a few unused shirts left over too.

Yeah, Its time to kick this back into gear me thinks. I've had a few idea's since my departure. Its about time I start putting my money where my mouth is. :)

aficondo, Now I'm closer. I'll have to make my way over to the Johns Hot Rod show. Maybe a Monthly night meet.
Keen as, to check out the Drag Boats up the road too.

Thanks Mate. I've added a link to my fb page in my Sig for now.
My striping is way old, an in need of updating.


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