This is my first attempt at a full size air brush. I used dollar store 20x30" foamboard that is paper over foam so when I get done I can peel the paper and use the foam for a plane. I used PLAID acryllic I found at a yard sale and thinned it with Johnsons clear acrylllic floor polish. I used the left over stencl outline and carefully cut it out.and pealed it after I finished leaving the outline of the black painted base. I used the clear floor polish to seal and give some depth. Iwould like to get some constructive feed back. You guys have some awesome art out there. these tutorials are great. Thanks bDSCN2513 - Copy.jpgentoad
I am no expert on flames But I feel that the same pattern over and over again takes away from the flow of the flames. Skull is really not to bad , Need to define the upper nose a bit and pick a light source to help define your highlights , But over all not a bad piece.
Ben My first suggestion is get some skull reference pics when you paint a skull so you can see more how one looks pay attention to the details and proportions of it. The idea and layout are great. I agree that the flames look really stenciled in but again refernce is key here. Some things you might wanna look into are some french curves or art tool sells there esentials they always bome in handy you can make your own out a bunch of materials manilla folders work good. You got a nice start and love that you are jumping right in on this. But some times like any thing else some prep work would help you greatly. Example use a stabilio pencil to lightly sketch in your skull. Another trick I like to do is use a light box and trace one out on paint mask then apply and cut. As for drawing or painting your skull you grid out your reference and what your painting on to help with proportions along with adding pointed teeth or making the sockets look different. Reference is just there to show you what looks correct. you can easily modify it to suit your needs but some things really through it off such as the number of teeth in ones mouth. Hope this helps ya out. I'm not trying to discourage you at all but make you better. Good first attempt!!!

I really struggled with the flames. The more I added the more it looked like diamond plate. I watched some tutorials today and I saw the 3D effect and like anything else "It is easy when you know how" looks really cool .I need to practice a lot more. Good thing foam board has 2 sides and is usable for models. The cheap acrylics are a bonus. I will get some better materials when I get the concept down. Thanks for the input. How do I know I am doing something wrong if no one tells me? You guys are awesome bentoad.
Don't use the whole curve of your flame stencil (if you watch some vids you'll see what I mean), freehand random flame shapes first, and accentuate with the stancils for a more natural look. Use transparent colours, put your red down first, then back in with white and cover with orange back in with white etc and repeat layers, until your last layer is a bright white/yellow, and is used as a highlight. It's one of those things you need to play with, just go for it, you will probably find your own style. Everyone seems to approach it slighly differently. Have fun!