beside the lines..some lightning


pretty old tutorling
since im still not able to brush some straight lines (need still lot of excercise) i tried to use my wrinkle line ability
to try some lightning. i'm pretty sure anybody did this before, and better, but it keeps me on track ;)



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That came out pretty good. I like the way it breaks off behind the cloud and comes back out.
Wow, can't paint a straight line yet makes a great picture.

You must have natural talent or took a lot of art classes and just took up airbrushing.

I'd be thrilled to paint a picture that nice but I'm new to the whole sketching/painting thing.

Well done, Jim
Thanks a lot (fishing for compliments;))
It was thought completely different. I started the sky with a dark violet/indigo an some "dirty" orange, but as always when it comes to black and shading or blendin
i simply overdid it. btw doing this is pretty simple (search youtube for it). I'm really not able to do straight lines and really good blends or strokes.
This is why i did not the eye - i'm not ready to do it.;)))