Best Airbrush for T-Shirts


Josh Darland

Hi! I'm JD and i've been airbrushing for about 3 years. My old airbrush has recently crapped out on me and I was looking to get a new one. My old one was a Paasche Talon gravity fed brush. I'm now looking into siphon fed brushes like the Iwata eclipse BCS and the badger anthem 155. Are those good brushes or could I find better ones in that price range? What do you guys use? I mainly work with water based acrylics on T-Shirts and other stuff like that with an occasional sand dollar or two. Thanks guys in advance, JD
everyone will have an opinion of there own. paasche vl is mine
Many pro Tshirt guys use anthems, best set up for T's but not the best brush for beginners, but sounds like you have the experience, can be a bit difficult to learn control but once you do it has many advantages over other options, but anything that blows paint will do the job.