Best Airbrush for T-shirts



Any suggestions on a good airbrush for T shirts?? Ive been recommended the iwata HP-BCS but I want a 2nd opinion..
The HP-BCS is a great brush, but a little pricy. The Badger Vega 2000 or Omni 3000 works just as well for a lot less money.
I would highly recommend a Badger Anthem 155..Why? because it has a 3 in 1 needle that allows for very tight detail all the way to heavy spray without needing to swap or change needles and secondly because its a syphon feed which allows for very quick color changing, in the T-Shirt world spped is critical, especially as its hard to sell T's for big bucks and ya don't want to be wasting time cleaning gravity fed color cups or changing needles and assemblys out..GL

PS-The Anthem is a beast and won't let ya down though good trigger control is essential..:)

I have to agree with rebel on this. Any gravity gun for tee shirts is going to be to much trouble. A siphon feed like the badger he uses or the iwata eclipse that I use allow for easier cleaning imo. Also I paint very fast and with a gravity feed the speed and level changes you experience tends to splash the paint from a gravity feed or clog the hole if you paint with the cap on. A 2oz bottle on the siphon feed (badger,iwata) will also allow for a larger quantity of shirts to be painted before having to refill. As a reference i can paint about 150 items (shirts,hats,pillow cases) before I have to refill my primary black. Other colors even less often. As far as cleaning siphon feeds are easier if only because im using non eurathane paint, so I use a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol to clean them. Full break down, clean and reassemble takes about 5 min a gun.
He also mentioned the needle and atomization of the paint. I've used a pasche and find I get far superior detail with my iwatas and it still allows for a very wide spray for a background haze. The badger anthems are also very nice in this respect.I'd like to eventually acquire a full 15 badgers to replace the 15 iwatas that I am currently using for show painting.

That was a really long post just to basically say, rebel is right, go with the badger anthem.