Best brush for wooden picture frame finishing




I am thinking about getting an airbrush to paint home made wooden picture frames. I want the the finish to be archival with a semi gloss look. Basically the same basic quality you see when you buy a cheap black picture frame from the store. I was spray painting them before but they would always be tacky and stuff stuck to them when they were wrapped, even months after drying. I want a solid smooth black finish.

Can somebody please recommend an airbrush company and/or type? I dont think I need anything fancy but I do want the right tool for the job. I have never used an airbrush before.

If your painting picture frames wouldn't it make more sense just to use a mini detail gun instead of an airbrush. It's basically just like a big spray gun but made for small jobs I use them for motorcycle helmets and small projects I don't want to break out the big guns for. Only time I use an airbrush for frames is if I'm doing wood grain. I've never done archival before so maybe I'm wrong.