Best places for a noob to buy paint and for what

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Hi all,
I'm in the UK and hope someone can point me at the best places for a beginner to buy airbrush paints but more importantly what paint for what job.
I have been looking at Wicked as being the one to opt for but Mitch holds up Createx in his vids.

I would like to paint onto glass (probably use pebio there ) leather/chamois both soft (think clothing and hard (think saddles), defo T'shirt's
Have I missed anything.....Oh yeah Cars and guitars :)

I would appreciate someone taking the time to spread some love for those that don't know what is what when it comes to putting paint into the air brush.
Thanks for reading
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hey just starting as well....

when i started i had a look online but found nowhere in may area sold airbrush i just decided just to order off the was pretty fast (like 2 days) and prolly cheaper then a shop would have been anyways...and theres plenty info on here about brands etc so there isnt really a need IMHO be able to talk to a sales assistant or whatever.

I got some Wicked...i think the 3 colour primary set...(R/B/Y black and white all opaque also inc was a reducer) and found they were pretty good(not that i really had anything to compare it to)....but if i had to do it again id prolly go createx first up....esp if you havent airbrushed before....only because first up you'll be using heaps of black for exercises and stuff....and you can spray createx without diluting it....or with with water...instead of a reducer....i think most of the tutors vids are done with transparent black and white? (dont quote me tho)

as far as what paint is good for what? i think createx is widely used on fabrics....but the water based paints dont really last as good in the sun as, say the urethanes like house of yeah i recon createx for fabic....and on the car/bike/guitar go something solvent based...not sure about glass.....not sure about the leather either...

Theres a few guys here from England so maybe shoot some PM's out about suppliers etc?

anyways hope that helps.
Thanks for the info about createx Max, especially about not needing to dilute/dilute with water.
In the UK I've found and Everything Airbrush, both on the south coast and both on the web, really nice people at both shops and they have time to stop and chat and very knowledgeable about the craft.
I agree with notime, I have used everything airbrush many times and the customer service is excellent, delivery is first class, and like they very knowledgable and will happily chat and give good advice.
Agree, both shops are great and delivery super fast! Also artifolk good online shop.