Best setup for wide coverage?



I have a basic AB, Master/TCP Global, no idea exactly what the size of the tip is but I would guess it is their generic "medium" tip.

I find myself needing to paint some wide surfaces and end up with a real "stripey" effect because the spray is so narrow, if I hold it further away I start to get more drying and particulation (sp?) hitting the surface. I have tried an up-and-down pattern followed by a back-and-forth (think tic-tac-toe) patterns and it still ends up looking kind of...spoltchy.

What size tip, or pressure, etc would be a good place to start to get a good wide (I am thinking 3-4") fan but still maintain the quality of fine spray and not end up saturating the surface like a rattle can would?
What size are you spaying? I will get OK sort of coverage on A4 with a 0.5mm tip but you need to understand... an airbrush does a circular pattern, period. It doesn't do fans. They aren't primarily designed for coating large flat surfaces. If you want a fan or a wider pattern you are better off going to a small airbrush or touch up gun.
Anthem 155 for bigger stuff but before you buy any other brush, just try giving yourself some more distance and up your pressure a bit to about 40-50 PSI when you do so to and it should help smooth out your bases, also don't forget to overlap each pass by about 50% and you will rarely get a clean pass on the first few goes and takes some practice to do well but when basing I'll go one direction, then flip it around and go another direction for second coat then i'll go at 45 degrees to that for a third coat and thats with the anthem..See if that helps a bit first..or a mini touch up gun as mentioned above but depends how big you need to go..If your getting particulates it could be as basic as changing your paint (What paint do you use? if its createx Standard its worth changing to something else as that does use quite a course grind :)) good luck
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I ended up buying the Paasch with the Fan Tip and that thing is AMAZING. Exactly what I was looking for.
I use all kinds of paints but right now I am using a lot of laquers, Alclaad and Spaz Stix mostly.
I will also try turning up the pressure to get a better spray and see if that helps. I probably won't be doing as much big surface stuff but the TG3 fan tip saved the current project.
Mini spray guns work the best for larger area coverage . as I am sure most have already stated.
While there are some airbrushes that offer a fan tip most will not give you the full coverage on larger items as a mini hvlp spray gun will .
I agree with Mr. Micron, I own both. There comes a time when you put up the itsy bitsy airbrush and grab a gun.