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Bike tank and Pedal car

Discussion in 'Pinstriping' started by Red Baron, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Red Baron

    Red Baron Guest

    Here's a couple more.

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  2. Cordyk

    Cordyk Sheriff Woody (Admington)

    Feb 22, 2012
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    Elmswell,Suffolk,United Kingdom
    Nice work, I know everybody is in to 'real fire' these days but there is still something classic about them old school flames.
  3. Madbrush

    Madbrush Guest

    Can you believe that this guy said in another thread "I'm not a pro"? and did I mention that I was the queen of England?
  4. Red Baron

    Red Baron Guest

    Ha, Ha Madbrush, nice to see we can all have a light hearted giggle. I know I did when I just read your reply. But seriously I'm no pro at all. For example my close buddy has just finished his custom Chevy pickup and he has been bugging me to stripe it. I keep putting it off cause I don't feel that I'm good enough to do it.

    I haven't stripped for about six months cause I've been busy with the airbrushing. Bu this new thread has got me going again and I'm gonna buys some new Mac Xcaliber brushes this week.

    Oh man I can't wait now!
  5. Madbrush

    Madbrush Guest

    I seriously think your selling yourself short, I've checked out all your stuff and I can't find fault with it, and I don't believe your buddy asked you to do his truck without good reason, all artist are critical of themselves, it goes with the territory, it's mostly others who see what you can do, and that what happened with your buddy, my advice, get it done and then get the photos up, make your buddy happy.

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