Billie Piper portrait


Stevie G

Following on from my "first portrait" thread here's my latest foray into portrait painting.
I must admit to getting just a little tired of seeing Cameron Diaz (sorry Cameron) at the end of my airbrush so searched around for something different.
I found a quite dramatic picture of an actress I have a bit of a soft spot for, Billie Piper.
I'm not doing a post mortem on this one. Yes I made some of the same mistakes as before but mostly managed to pull myself up and stop making them before going too far !
I projected the reference picture onto A3 paper this time and found it so much easier to paint.
So, here goes. Hope you like it .....

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Well she looks like Billie Piper so i'd say well done Steve, much lighter and more subtle. What did you do differently this time?

Well she looks like Billie Piper so i'd say well done Steve, much lighter and more subtle. What did you do differently this time?


Thank you Lee.
I took my time with this one and pretty much had the paint mix just right for once.
The airbrush played up as usual (tip dry, etc) but I'm beginning to see the warning signs now and fix the problems before they bite me.
It was nice doing something slightly different and there can't be too many opportunities in this life to spend a dismal Saturday looking into Billie Piper's eyes :love-struck:
yeh I agree with you there :) I've been playing in the snow in the landy... Have you tried the clear binder/base mixed with your paint yet? It might reduce the tip dry for you a little and make it easier to build up your colour nice and slowly. I use it quite a bit with opaque paints. Makes them nicer to use. It's a thought anyway.

Steve that is a wicked painting mate, the eyes are really piercing and hold your attention, beautiful job:)
Love it and it looks like you have a very steady hand. Great job on the eyes!!
Thank you all for the comments and encouragement !
It's very much appreciated.
I learned a lot from doing this picture and as I'm quite fond of the subject person it was a very pleasurable experience :love-struck:
I've tried doing another portrait since this one and it turned into a total disaster ! Everything went wrong.
That's how my learning process goes, though. One step forward and three back .....
Ah well. I'll keep trying and post up the next one that turns out half presentable :calm:
Happy painting !
Stevie, it goes like that. My first portrait went so smooth I wondered why I never tried it before. My second and full of myself kicked my hard in the ........., well very hard. Only on the 5th try did I succeed but still not at the level of the first one. One day will come when all the practice just clicks in place and everything goes smoothly from then on.