bleed through



I am spraying a t shirt and using a stencils I got spry where I didn't want it tried to cover it up but I keep getting bleed through. Is there any way to fix this ?

What colors are you using, what color shirt and color paints?
I am using spectra Tex . Here is a pic of what I tried to do the red bleed under the stencil and some black alsoView attachment 28301This is just a practice Tee so its no big deal just want to learn how to fix goof ups Thanks
The only way I know to fix this is to add a background that will cover the bleed through. you can cover light colors with darker colors but never the other way. just doesn't work. you could go around the red with yellow so where the yellow hits it will be a red fade through orange to yellow or something like that. Make sure your stencils are nice and stuck to the shirt and when you spray, spray with the brush angled toward the center of the stencil so you are not spraying toward the edge of your stencil if that makes sense.
Thanks I'.m not sure what I want to do with it if anything . I'll think of something thanks again
A lot of the bleed is likely due to the nap of the cloth..Using a high thread count material is an option, the better the quality of the material, the less it will bleed out but remember cloth is really good at capillerizing the paint (Sucking it where ya dont want it basically)..Also consider prepping your shirt with a sealent prior to painting it, this will reduce the paints ability to bleed due to the fact its actually sitting on a primed surface rather than on the material itself..Good luck..
I did seal it first, I sprayed under the stencil, had my air up to high and wrong angle. I am going to pay with it with some darker colors to see what I can do for it . like I had said its a practices Tee . Thanks all for the help.

Soz, ya never mentioned sealing so figured that cld be part of the prob, the stencil lifting can be a pain, angle as ya mentioned is pretty important, another thought for you if you plan to use stencils a bit is to make your TShirt board out of metal, get some strong arse magnets and secure your stencil in as many locations as possible with the magnets which then gives you a freehand to further push the stencil down in the area your spraying..Good luck..
After thinking about it for a while ,I started to look at the original pic and this is what I came up with. Thanks to all for the help and suggestion 20140517_090140.jpg