Blending Lines,Dots,Dagger strokes.



So some people told me to work on the "fundamentals" so that is exactly what I am doing.. Here is my first attempt at blending lines,dots,and daggar strokes. I am about to do some of the worksheets I just wanted to familiarize myself with the, before I do.121129_0000.jpg
Practice is key!!! You will be amazed the difference by the third sheet!! And each one gets better after that. Like Mitch says, these are your ABC's it's a must to be able to do them to get better and from what I see here you are well on your way!! They look good so far :)

Keep at it A.N. Looking good. Once you get these basics down it becomes a lot less frustrating when working on a project. I still practice the dagger stroke at times. Another thing to play with is you reduction and psi. Get comfortable with how your airbrush sprays at different psi to how much your paint is reduced and practice real fine clean lines as well. The lower the psi the closer you can get to the surface without skating,but reduction has to be right to flow at lower psi. Keep at it and it will pay off in the end. Hope this helped.