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Hey guys,

I'm new here, and relatively new to airbrushing.
Been mostly airbrushing portraits in black and white since I've only been working with pencils before I'm kinda scared of colors for now. Planning to dive in the deep on my next project tho!

Anyways, I had a break for over a year now and I tried picking up again with a portrait, but I screwed up pretty badly, went to dark, too much rimples, etc etc... so I decided to start over, but instead of going to full white again I tought I'd let my "old portrait" peak trough a bit so I didnt have to map the portrait out again.
It seems now I have this terrible blue shift though. Still in an early stage with overreduced paint, but I dont think I'll loose the blue shift completly. And I would like my portrait to feel warmer rather then the cold feel it gives now.
Thinking about going over it with a transparent sepiaish or something to warm it up.
What you guys think, will this work? And if you guys have any tips on how I best go with this, or other ideas to warm it up, any help is welcome (remember my fear of colors ;) )

Thanks in advance!


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Firstly, welcome here. Head over to the introduction page and give some info about you.

White with tiny drop of orange will kill the blue.
Yer some orange may have helped after ya initially blocked it out and started again but if you have done the full light grey base back in and its all over the piece, ya gotta ask yaself a few questions..How long have I already put in it, How long will it take me to repair it and if I spend 15 hours on a piece, trying to fix it and I can't, would I actually spend less time on it by starting again..When its learning and training I would never ever suggest starting fresh, battle through, make more mistakes on it, try repairing it etc etc, but if its a gift, commission or for a client or just want to do your best, and it will take me 8 hrs as I now know what to avoid compared to 15 trying to fix something that may be unfixable, what choice would you make?
But the sepia will work LOL, pretty much orange anyway, well Brown if ya wanna be technical about it but I consider a cool sepia towards the orange/brown and a warm sepia towards the red/brown and wld help warm it up a lot and will help nutralize some of the blue..Maybe not all but again, depends on the purpose of the piece..GL
Ok, so I've been moving on a bit, this is where I'm at right now.
I feel its a bit darker already then the reference so doubting the sepia again.
Theres still blue shift, but not sure if this look is that bad, kinda starting to like it.
Decided to let it sit for a while. The hair isnt what I want it to be yet, and not sure about what to do with the background either.

Meanwhile I started my first color project as promissed. I dont think its too bad so far. Seems I covered up most of the textures though, since I had to go back and forth a few times to get my colors right.
not sure why, but the picture makes my colors look quite a bit lighter then the reference. IRL it seems to be a bit closer to the colors on the reference. Just the shadows around the chin and where the hair overlaps her face will have to be faded in her face a bit more I think
Let me know what you think, open for suggestions/constructive criticism, etc. Here to learn.